Self-Help For Non- Michigan Inn Sellers

Dear Inn Seller/Broker:

Q. Will your B&B buyer find you on the internet, or in newspaper and innkeeping magazine ads?

A. Probably not! You need to find them! Direct mail works if you can identify and capture your potential buyer’s attention.

As you can see from my website, The Inn Broker, Inc. specializes in B&B’s and potential B&B’s for sale in Michigan. As the premier B&B broker between the Appalachian and the Rocky Mountains, I receive numerous requests from other states concerning assistance in locating buyers for their inn properties. I have developed a low cost alternative to assist these sellers in locating buyers. In the 20+ years that I have been involved in presenting seminars with Innkeeping Consultants, I have amassed a nationwide mailing list of over 12,000+ names and addresses of persons interested in becoming B&B owners. I have also swapped names from innkeeper associations and other innkeeping consultants and brokers. From this list, I can usually target a list of 1,000 names of persons who are located within 700 miles of your property. This is the list from which I earn my living as an inn broker! I advertise to add new names to the list but many of those aspiring innkeepers aren’t ready yet. You need to sell now- not three years from now!

LABEL RENTAL: I can rent you access to my buyer names (for a one time use/it’s a seeded list) and you can reach my buyers directly; with no commissions due and mailed on your schedule. It’s $250 for 1,000 labels; any additional 1,000 labels will be at $200/1,000 labels. My mailing service can handle the whole assignment for you- including allowing you the use of their bulk rate postage imprint (Kalamazoo, MI, Permit #307) on your printed piece. The bulk rate discount vs. 1st class ($.44) mailing costs alone makes it worth it! Just add $.45/label (which includes postage and handling) on your standard mail printed piece for this service. The MI-OH-IN-IL buyer list can only be accessed using my mailing service.

EMAIL BROADCAST: I can email broadcast you’re HTML ad to my 750+ aspiring innkeeper email list for $.25/address. Order it with at least a 1,000 mailing labels and your cost is only $.20/address.

PERSONAL CONSULTING: I have been a party to over 40 B&B transactions in my 20+ years as The Inn Broker, Inc. and I can help you gain a perspective on how you may need to value your inn, structure your transaction, creative financing and the particulars of a B&B transaction. I can consult with you and your advisors for $80 per hour (4 hour minimum in advance) plus any out of pocket expenses such as postage. No addl. charge for phone calls w/in U.S.A.

For the price of a regional Wall Street Journal ad (which may yield a dozen inquiries), you can have your inn’s promotional piece targeted at the nations only comprehensive aspiring innkeeper mailing list of at least 1,000 aspiring innkeepers! Most inn buyers don’t respond to single inn classified ads and most don’t buy the first one they see; sellers need to reach them first! All services are by prepayment only but we do accept PayPal. Need further information? Please give me a call at #800926-INNS (4667). I’m usually in during the P.M.

Mailing List Area Summary (in consecutive zip order):

(in zip order)

MA-CT ….. 800+

OH-IN …. 700+

MO-CO… 1,300+

NJ-PA …..1,700+

MI ……. 1,300+

WY-CA… 1,500+

DE-SC ….1,300+

IA-MT …. 900+

HI-AK…….. 400+

GA-KY …1,200+

IL …….. 1,000+

TOTAL: 12,000+

Happy Hunting!

Bob Fuehr