Dear Fellow Broker:

Based on the information you provide me, I may include your B&B or potential B&B property on my web site. My mailing list includes over 12,000 aspiring innkeepers, 800 email list and 500 Michigan innkeepers plus numerous national B&B related brokers, consultants and other relevant parties. You have now tapped the most powerful B&B buyer network available!

This free promotion of your listing does come with some reciprocal expectations. If I do locate a prospective buyer for your listing, I will actively work with them and hopefully bring you an offer. If I am successful in consummating a sale, I expect to receive the selling portion (50%) of total sales commission (unless otherwise agreed upon). If I elect not to actively participate in the transaction (due to logistics or size of commission), I will provide you a prospective purchaser referral and expect a 20% of gross selling commission (not 20% of agents share) for the conversion of such a referral to a successful sale. Receipt of same constitutes an acknowledgment and acceptance of terms.

I’d also appreciate referrals from your list of unsuccessful inquiries to add to my data base. I will be happy to reciprocate and pay a 20% of seller’s commission to you if you provide me a referral unknown to me that results in a commissioned sale for me. Why not convert your unsuccessful leads into potential income. If they find me on their own or through your client, you’ll receive no referral commissions.

My hope is that you will perceive me as an enhancement to your ongoing efforts to the sellers. Many of the lower priced inns will not be willing to pay my business opportunity range listing commission. Likewise, if the property has just as much value as a residential property, as it does a B&B, it’s very likely the owner will list locally with you and you’ll share the listing info with me.

As you might imagine, my listings that are highlighted on web site, receive the most attention from me and my aspiring innkeepers. I can provide your listing with that visibility by splitting 50% of listing fee. While you still continue to market locally, and I can give full exposure to your listing with a web site feature and video highlight (you also can use the video for your prospects). I’ll promote the property regionally and nationally and the selling broker will receive the selling half of the commission. I do not work as a buyers’ agent. I co-op like any other broker but I may need your help w/showings. I offer a contingent $1,000 comm. bonus to a successful listing broker who can do a showing for me.

Please keep me updated on changes in your listings status: terms, price, sale, etc. I anticipate making changes to the web monthly. Any financials, inventories, & MLS sheets (whatever you’re providing your prospective buyers) are welcome. Electronic transfer is appreciated. Please send me any additional B&B or potential B&B listings that you may have (particularly water frontage properties).


Bob Fuehr