While buying a B&B is a lot like buying a house, there are some differences. If you’re more than 6 mos. from making your move, you should be reading the B&B books and magazines, attending a B&B seminar, visiting B&B’s as a guest, vacationing in your area of interest, and volunteering your time at a local B&B to experience the “feel” of innkeeping. Once you’re within 6 mos. of moving, you should put your house up for sale and begin looking at B&B’s for sale. If you slightly over list your house, the worse that happen can to you is that someone may pay you more than you thought it was worth and you may move twice. We’ve had a number of B&B dreams crushed when the buyers couldn’t sell their house during the time they needed to. Why let the past control your future?! If you’re thinking about relocating to an unfamiliar area, you should consider renting in that area for a year or so that you experience a full cycle of your dream spot- not just a 1 week vacation. It’s much easier as a B&B broker to find an inn for a buyer than finding a buyer for an inn. If you’re only available to see B&B’s for sale on the weekends, visit Sunday not Saturday. An unscheduled and secret shopper visit to for sale inns does not demonstrate much consideration for the seller and will not enhance their perception of you as a buyer. Touring unfocused B&B buyers through for sale inns is not productive for any of the parties. By following these steps, you will impress B&B sellers that have prepared for this next big step and are not on a lark. The most difficult part of my job is finding a couple who can agree on how, when, and what they want; and that goes for both buyers and sellers! I thoroughly enjoy introducing aspiring innkeepers into the greatest job in the world, but we need to prepare together for it. This is the largest purchase you’ll ever make in your life and it must make financial and lifestyle sense to you before you plunge in! Happy Hunting!