Loyal customers should be rewarded! If a B&B buyer will exclusively use the Inn Broker, Inc. in the purchase of one of my $1M+ featured listings, they will receive a $5,000 Loyalty Incentive payment at closing! The Loyalty Incentive is $2,500 for my featured listings that are sold at less than $1M! The Loyalty Incentive for non-featured listings (another broker’s listing) is $2,500 for $1M+ listings & $1,250 for listings below $1M. Let Bob Fuehr put his 26+ years of [...]

MI Innkeeper Tax Issues

Presented at The Michigan Lake to Lake B&B Association Conference– 10/24/11 Bob Fuehr The Inn Broker, Inc. Disclaimer: Mr. Fuehr is a licensed, Michigan real estate broker.  He is not an appraiser, attorney, accountant or other licensed professional. You should use the information presented as topics for discussion with your appropriate licensed adviser. Property Taxes; Michigan Taxpayer’s Guide Property Tax assessment is based on the real estate; not the furnishings or biz. Taxable vs. State Equalized Value (S.E.V.) Taxable Assessment [...]


Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL has established a core curriculum for persons who anticipate operating a B&B. Contact Ron Thomas, Assoc. Professor, at 847/635-1949, Fax 847/6305-1987 or Email.


Bob Fuehr, The Inn Broker, Inc. works in Michigan as a seller’s agent or transaction coordinator, should I, as a buyer, be represented? Yes, you should be represented by expert counsel- such as an attorney, appraiser, accountant and home inspector. These professionals should be providing professional advice from which should assist you in making a business decision on the purchase of an inn. Real estate agents should not offering advice in those areas unless they have some specialized training or [...]


Most innkeepers have some type of supplemental income in addition to their B&B income. Since many inns average 20-40% occupancy, there are many low season opportunities to have outside commitments. In an average setting, most inns won't cash-flow if they are less than 5 or 6 rooms. However, bear in mind that a large portion of your daily overhead expenses such as mortgage, insurance, utilities, phone, etc. can be paid for by pretax income from the inn which results in [...]


While buying a B&B is a lot like buying a house, there are some differences. If you’re more than 6 mos. from making your move, you should be reading the B&B books and magazines, attending a B&B seminar, visiting B&B’s as a guest, vacationing in your area of interest, and volunteering your time at a local B&B to experience the "feel" of innkeeping. Once you’re within 6 mos. of moving, you should put your house up for sale and begin [...]


The Inn Broker, Inc is the premier B&B broker between the Rockies and Appalachian Mtns. I can help you locate the Michigan inn of your dreams. Don't waste your time contacting local listings directly. I can set up an itinerary of inns to visit for you. We usually discuss this itinerary of visits beforehand so you have a better idea of what you're going to learn on your visits. I track most of the B&Bs and inns that are listed [...]


The following Michigan inns have sold: Heritage Manor Inn, Fennville; Looking Glass Inn, Grand Haven; Gingko Tree Inn, Mt. Pleasant;  Kingsley House, Fennville;  Boyden House , Grand Haven; Outback Lodge, Stanwood; Newnham Suncatcher Inn, (house rental) Saugatuck; Chelsea House Victorian Inn, Chelsea; Hall House, Kalamazoo (house); Hart House B&B, Hart;Twin Gables Inn/The Hotel Saugatuck, Saugatuck;  Sylvan Inn , Glen Arbor; Khardomah Lodge , Grand Haven; Sunburst B&B, Ludington (house); Crimson Cottage, Holland (house);  Chicago Pike Inn, Coldwater (house) & Kalamazoo House [...]


In November, 2015, I assisted Al Heminger (2012 Lake to Lake Innkeeping Seminar Graduate) and his brother Tim in the purchase of the Twin Gables Inn/The Hotel Saugatuck, Saugatuck, MI. In August, 2014, Bob & Ellen Alderink (2013 Lake to Lake Innkeeping Seminar Graduates) bought my Ludington House B&B listing , Ludington, MI. In October, 2013, I assisted Marcia Neigebauer,  (2012 Lake to Lake Innkeeping Seminar Graduate) and Kent Neigebauer in the purchase of the DeLano Mansion Inn, Allegan, MI. [...]


After 20 years of innkeeping seminars, Bob & Lynda have "retired" from the innkeeping seminar scene. We appreciated the opportunity to train over 1,000 aspiring innkeepers & we're very proud of the 100+ graduate teams who realized their innkeeping dream! Here are some links to other innkeeping seminar resources: MI Lake to Lake B&B Assn PAII Wisconsin B&B Assn

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